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About Quin

Quin was born in Idaho, the oldest of 8 children. In 1988, he married the love of his life, Linda. In their 32 years of marriage, they raised 4 children and one niece. Quin has been studying the constitution since he was 16 years old. He has a great love of the miracles that led to the victory of the revolutionary war and shares them in conjunction with teaching the Constitution whenever he is able.

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With a troubled economic forecast and a decline in the moral values of many societies, this philosophy stands as a beacon of light for us. Using correct principles of ethics applied personally, within the workplace environment, and in society, people develop and stand on a firm foundation of truth and honor. We believe in liberty and justice. We want to think creatively and act responsibly. It is our desire to understand the difference between, and among the three major attitudinal foundations that currently exist within our democratic society.

  • Foundation I: “Entitlement Foundation” where many exist on welfare expecting others to provide for their needs. You have probably heard the adage “If you give a man a fish you can feed him for a day.” However, tomorrow he wants another fish and soon, expects a fish every day. When you stop giving him that fish he becomes angry and even willing to take that fish by force. His life becomes that of a beggar, unproductive and reliant on society to provide him with fish. He is at the mercy of predators, “producers,” and even government agencies. A fear mentality exists and he is willing to give away his liberty for security and food. There can be no love on this foundation. Hate and anger are abundant, trust is non-existent. Reliance on the government becomes a necessity and personal responsibility is gone.
  • Foundation II: “Competitive Foundation” is a “dog-eat-dog” society where anything goes to get ahead. In this environment when you teach a man to fish, he can then feed his family for a lifetime – just as long as he can get his fish before anyone else. He is a competitor, always searching for the best location to fish, always needing to get there before anyone else. He is driven continually to compete with other fishermen who are also trying to catch their fish first. His motivation is that of a predator who preys upon the “fish,” willing to fight to others in order to succeed “reeling in” the first “fish.” As a resident of the Competitive Foundation, he is governed by fear, greed, and a “scarcity mentality” which exists in his world. He firmly believes he has to be the biggest and the best to survive. His attitude and way of life are reflective of a perverted capitalistic system that has become prevalent in today’s world.
  • Foundation III: “Creative Foundation” is where the creation of wealth and prosperity exists in abundance. In this environment, you teach a man to farm fish to feed his family and in turn, feed his community. He will never have a lack of fish as long as he continues to manage his fish farm with wisdom and applies correct ethical principles. He has become a dedicated and successful producer. His is a place governed by faith and love. The true form of capitalism exists in this environment, where we become creative and exponentially progress in all aspects of life. As we reach out and serve someone else and we likewise become enhanced. This foundation represents the philosophy upon which our nation was founded, a process of creativity that ensures abundance and prosperity. We can help someone in need and we are never lacking the things we need. This has been called nirvana or Zion. We can all be happy and serve one another on this foundation.


Quin has managed a construction company for over 30 years.  He is also part owner of several other businesses including a land development company mobile app development business, cabinet shop, private school, and other businesses. 

He has been self-employed for most of his life starting at age 14 when he contracted his first job. He has become very knowledgeable in many areas. His pursuit of knowledge has led him into a hands-on experience of many skills.

Quin served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints from 1981 through 1983.  He has served in various religious callings and offices with dedication and commitment.

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God-Given Rights

We have many God-given rights that our Constitution has guaranteed.

Gun Rights

The 2nd amendment is not a right given to us by the government. It is a God-given right the Constitution has included to ensure the protection of the people against the government.


I know when life starts and will continue if it is not killed, it is wrong to stop it. Life is a gift given to us from God, not a choice to end because it is inconvenient. The gift of agency is a gift from God the consequences or blessings are his to give. Someone who does not want a baby should not do the act and then abort the consequence, the choice is when the act is performed.

Liberty/Freedom/Pursuit of Happiness

Liberty is a God-given gift to all of us and is protected by the Constitution. We will always have consequences for every act we perform. There are laws that must be obeyed to receive the desired result or blessing.

Lower Taxes

Raising taxes should be avoided at all costs. Every effort to lower expenses should be made before taking money from the people. The government must manage all monies frugally and properly. This means waste should be eliminated before an increase in taxes is even considered. This requires hard decisions and the attitude that taxes are a sacred trust not to be spent freely.

Deregulation/Reduce Spending

The duty of the government is to establish justice, insure peace, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure liberty for all of us. When the government does more than this it is not following its purpose and needs to be changed. This is where deregulation comes in. We need to remove all government programs that do not follow its purpose.


The education system in our country has been deteriorating for many years and it should be changed. Public schools are becoming a propaganda machine rather than an educational experience. If it were not for good teachers, who are underpaid, we would be in more trouble than we are. There needs to be sweeping changes and more localized controls put in place to save our schools.

Parent Controlled

The education of our youth is the responsibility of the Parents. When the government imposes an education program that the Parents do not want then the Parents should be the ruling body.

School Choice

Parents should always have the right to move their children to whatever school they choose. This includes home and private schools as well as public schools.

Tax Credits vs School Vouchers

The government wants to control the curriculum of our schools and when vouchers are provided they believe it is the government money that is being given. When this happens the strings that are attached can be overwhelming to a small private school or home school. A tax credit is the better option. The money is never in the control of the government and so they do not have the same strings attached to the educational institutions that receive it.

The Constitution

I firmly believe in the Constitution of the United States of America and in our own Utah State Constitution. The principles our nation were created to protect are and should be the same principles we uphold today. We should be willing to do whatever it takes to protect our God given rights. Rights that are protected by the Constitution. These have been eroded and we have a duty to study the Constitution so we can protect our freedoms.

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Evaluating Proposed Laws/Bills

When I look at new proposed laws this is the formula I will use to evaluate each one.

The Constitution was created to protect the individual. When the individual is protected then all of society is protected. The weakest link in any society is the individual.  Strengthening individual citizens creates an extremely strong country. This is why our nation has become a great nation.


Does this proposed law:

  • Help our country become unified.
  • Establish justice for each individual.
  • Insure peaceful interactions between the individual citizens and the government.
  • Defend the individual against all enemies foreign and domestic.
  • Promote individual accountability for the general welfare of society.
  • Secure liberty for every individual citizen.
  • Enable the pursuit of happiness without regulation.
  • Protect the lives of our citizens without sacrificing liberty.
  • Ensure the right to own property.
  • Defend the innocent.
  • Recognize and protect our God-given rights.
  • Harm no one, and pay every one his due.
  • Place individual needs and protections over special interests. (Special interest groups have the tendency to benefit themselves to the detriment of others.)
  • Reduce the size of government.
  • Cut expenditures to balance the budget.
  • Cut programs and excess government overreach.
  • Place security at the expense of freedom.

If the answers to these questions are no then this will show that the law does not follow the constitution. I will vote no.

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