Quin’s Bio

Mr. Denning currently is the Managing Member of Impact Mobile Apps, and the Managing Member of Denning Construction LLC, a design builder and Managing Member of QS Cabinets LLC, a custom cabinet manufacture.
In 2012 Mr. Denning and a partner started Impact Mobile Apps, a mobile app development company. Mr. Denning uses his business expertice in helping small businesses improve through principled practices and when warranted the development of an app.
Mr. Denning has managed a construction company for over 25 years.  He is also part owner of several other businesses including a land development company.  He currently manages and operates Denning Construction LLC., a company he owns (a lean design build contractor), and holds a B100 and a E100 license in Utah.  For two years he served as the General Manager of D-M-R Construction & Development L.L.C., during which time he learned Auto Cad.  Mr. Denning has continued his learning and use of Auto Cad and has release 2019 along with the Architectural Desktop.  His design skills include economical and material use management “Lean Design.”  True job costing is a very important aspect of his understanding of business, he has also studied “Lean Management.”  He has managed the books and accounts with integrity. He served as President of American Country Homes for three years. Mr. Denning has also served as General Manager, President and Owner of Denning Construction during which time he built homes in Japan and built various commercial and residential projects. He has been involved in the design of most of the projects he has built including a 174′ ft. x 210′ ft. clear span building in Vernal, Utah.  He has been designing and building homes, buildings, bridges, roads, concrete structures, and a variety of other construction projects.  He also has designed and built energy efficient structures for over 25 years including passive solar and solar photovoltaic.  Mr. Denning has arbitrated a legal case involving a construction project.  He has written many of his own contracts to buy and sell real estate and has bought and sold real estate for many years.  He has been involved for many years with every aspect of real estate including buying selling and managing. For the last ten years he has been a top rated remodeling contractor on Angies List for Southern Utah.
He has previously served as a Managing Member of Zion Canyon Holding LLC, and a Managing Member of Desert Green Energy LLC.
He started and served for two years as President of Clear Choice Real Estate Company, a real estate brokerage.
Mr Denning has served as the President of Providence Family Group and Providence Academy, a private k-12 school, for six years, during this time he developed and wrote much of the curriculum used by the Academy.  For seven years he served as the President of The Utah Museum of Science and Industry, a non-profit 501-c3 corporation.
After consulting for a number of business friends in 1993, Mr. Denning started a part-time consulting business.  Since then until the present he has actively been writing business plans and helping new companies with their start-up and development.  His consulting business has expanded to the international market on several occasions and covered the USA.  Additionally he has consulted for medical offices, chiropractic offices, real estate management companies, construction companies and a variety of other businesses.
Mr. Denning has owned a hotel and has written and implemented a management plan and consequently had hands on management experience of the hotel.
In 1987 he served for a short time as President and Editor of “Informed Movie and Video Review” a magazine he helped design and sold to his partners. He is experienced with layout and design. In 1980 he served as yearbook editor for “College of Eastern Utah” a Junior College.
Mr. Denning has worked in sales and marketing part time for over twenty years during which time he worked as Assistant Sales Manager for “Martin Motors” a small used car dealership and Assistant Sales Manager for “Barter Exchange International of Utah” during which time he completed the American Sales Master Training Course in sales management and marketing.
He has been self employed for most of his life starting at age 14 when he contracted his first job. He has become very knowledgeable in many areas. His pursuit of knowledge has led him into a hands on experience of many of the skills needed to make a company efficient and profitable.
Mr. Denning served a mission for the LDS Church from 1981 through 1983.  He has served in various religious callings and offices with dedication and commitment.

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